Bluebird Foundation to Establish Scholarship to Honor the Legacy of Renowned Northland Musician and Songwriter, Bill Sandwick

Bluebird Foundation to Establish Scholarship to Honor the Legacy of Renowned Northland Musician and Songwriter, Bill Sandwick

Duluth, MN – The Bluebird Foundation is honored to announce the creation of a new scholarship dedicated to the memory of the late William “Bill” Sandwick, a beloved Northland musician and songwriter. Bill Sandwick, who passed away on November 11th, was a musical force in the community for over five decades, leaving an indelible mark with his passion for the Beatles, rock and roll, and his multifaceted talent as a composer and musician.

Bill Sandwick’s musical journey spanned across local bands, including Winterwood, The Rage, and Jack B Nimble, where he contributed his vocals, bass, and keyboard skills, entertaining audiences with his musical prowess. In addition to his performances, Bill was renowned for giving lively tours of the iconic William A. Irvin and composing and performing annual Christmas songs for the Bluebird Foundations “Christmas by the Lake” annual CD.

“Bill Sandwick was not just a musician; he was a vibrant soul who brought joy and laughter to everyone he encountered. His love for pranks, humor, and witty one-liners has left a lasting impact on our community,” said a family spokesperson. “Bills music legacy is unparalleled in the Northland. Bill wrote so many incredible songs including co-writing the song “Duluth” used as a promotion for WEBC radio in the late 1970’s and later became the theme song for regional radio show “Talk of the Town” heard on KDAL” said Tracy Lundeen, longtime friend and President of the Bluebird Foundation.

The newly established scholarship aims to carry forward Bill Sandwick’s legacy by supporting aspiring young musicians in their pursuit of music. The scholarship will be awarded to individuals who demonstrate exceptional musical talent, a commitment to community engagement, and a passion for pushing the boundaries of creativity, reflecting the spirit of Bill Sandwick’s own musical journey.

The Bluebird Foundation invites contributions from individuals, businesses, and organizations that share a commitment to nurturing the artistic talents of the Northland community. Donations can be made directly to the Bluebird Foundation, with all funds earmarked for the Bill Sandwick Memorial Scholarship.

The Family plans to hold a commemorative event in the coming months to celebrate Bill Sandwick’s life and contributions to the local music scene. Details about the event will be shared with the community as they become available.

Donations can be made by check and mailed to: Bluebird Foundation, Inc, 4815 Burning Tree Road, Suite 106, Duluth MN 55811 or through

About the Bluebird Foundation:

The Bluebird Foundation is a 501 c3 non-profit organization dedicated to supporting and promoting youth in the arts in the Northland.  Through scholarships, grants, and community initiatives, the foundation strives to empower aspiring artists and foster a vibrant and inclusive artistic culture.

For additional information contact Tracy Lundeen at 218-727-1177 or email:

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