About the Foundation

The bluebird has long been a cultural symbol of happiness.

For area 9-12 grade students involved in the performing arts, the Bluebird has taken on even more significance as the Bluebird Foundation helps them pursue their dreams in theater, dance, vocal, and instrumental music.

The Bluebird Foundation, a 501(c)(3), has a
mission statement:

To be an advocate for area youth in the performing arts and to create awareness of the power of arts to enhance self-esteem, increase understanding of others, and improve academic performance.

The Bluebird Foundation was the brainchild of Tracy Lundeen. He credits his late mother, Audrey Lundeen, for giving him the gift of music and the arts. “She introduced us to the Bluebird of Happiness when we were very young. For the Bluebird foundation, there is no better place to start than with kids. giving kids the gift of the arts is truly a gift that will last a lifetime, a gift of calm during storms and peace during times of trouble. The arts are truly a gift that will always keep on giving,” he states.

The Bluebird Foundation has many short and long-term goals in its arts advocacy. Scholarships are awarded annually in April and December. To date the Bluebird Foundation has given over $52,500 in scholarships.

The Bluebird Foundation is 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization.