Zack Ross Memorial Award

Zack Ross Memorial Scholarship Fund

Zack Ross made a significant impact on the local music scene. Zack was the drummer for “Crescent Moon” since the band was formed with frontman with Shane Nelson when they were still in high school.

Zack played a major role in the lives and the musical development of the members of local band “Born Too Late”. Zack helped Traxx learn how to play the drums, and would graciously step aside and allow a very young Traxx to drum for a song or two at Crescent Moon shows, while his sister Rokkyn would belt out tunes alongside her uncles, Jessie and Shane Nelson. When Taylor Shykes became a part of the Born Too Late crew, Zack often shared the rhythm section with Taylor on bass.

Zack’s unexpected passing in 2022 left an empty place in the lives of many, especially those that he helped and influenced musically.

The members of Born Too Late want to help carry on Zack’s legacy of excellence in music, humble demeanor, and willingness to help others. Born Too Late is sponsoring the Zack Ross Memorial Scholarship Fund to be awarded to a high school student in the Twin Ports who wants to pursue a career in music beyond high school. Traxx Nelson-Kavajecz, Rokkyn Nelson-Kavajecz, and Taylor Shykes are all Bluebird Foundation Scholarship recipients, and they want to give back to the foundation and to the local music community in Zack’s honor.

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