Our Mission
To be an advocate for area youth in the performing arts and to create awareness of the power of the arts to enhance self esteem, to increase understanding of others, and to improve academic performance.

Bluebird Foundation Scholarships to Date

C.M. “Bud” Schultz Music Award ($500)
2014: Rebecca Lund-Cloquet H.S.
2015: Grace Owens-Proctor H.S.
2016: Erik Aas – East H.S.
Ruth Yates - East H.S.
2017: Lilli Kovaleski and Jessica Patnaude
2018: Kelly Killorin & Emma Schiltz

Rose Mary HarmeierHoene Dance Award ($500)
2014: Emily Ballard-Home School
2015: Rachael Fuchs-Lakeview Christian Academy
2016: Madison Sweeney – Proctor H.S.
Elliana Vesely – Cumberland H.S.
2017: Karlyn Nessa and Taylor Tuura
2018: Sarah Scrignolli & Braydon Guentzel

John D. Munsell Theater Award ($500)
2014: Corey Reilly-Duluth Denfeld H.S.
2015: Elina Walchuk-Harbor City International School
2016: Robert Sobczak –Cloquet H.S.
Lyric Lekander – Barnum H.S.
2017: Abby Peddle
2018: Josiah Ojard

Big Daddy’s Brass Award ($500)
2015: Cody Aplin-Duluth East H.S.
2016: Nick Bostrom – Hermantown H.S.
2017: Madeline Roberts
2018: Angel Raddatz & Jessica Jahn

Ray Wolffe Award ($500)
2016: Kaylee Matusak-Hermantown H.S.
2017: Ethen Wilson
2018: Sydney Hanson

Bob Schroeder Entrepreneur Award
2018: Joseph Lemker

Michael Baker Percussion Award:
2018: Benjamin Hakala

JCC Services Award
2018: Nathan Young

Audrey Lundeen Bluebird Scholarship ($1000)
2014: Stephanie Britz-Harbor City International School
2015: Anthony Ferguson – Denfeld H.S.
2016: Brianna Williams – Denfeld H.S. ($1,500)
2017: Natalie Blevins ($2000)

Taste of Duluth Awards courtesy of the Cloquet Eagles Club 1163
2018: Adam Birkland and Jenna Meyer

Bluebird Misc. Grants
2016: Music Resource Center (for expanded music lessons)
2016: Darin Bergsven –Music Instructor at Harbor City to attend an African Music Ensemble Course
2017: Mackenzi Stenstrom (Bluebird Vocal)
2018: Lexi Golden (Bluebird Vocal)


Spring 2017: Spring Scholarship Winner, Natalie Blevins

Spring 2017: Spring Scholarship Winners

Ethen Wilson, Ray Wolffe Award Winner with Tracy Lundeen, and with his mom.


Big Daddy Brass Award winner Madeline Roberts with Kynze Lundeen. 
And receiving award from Tracy Lundeen


C.M. Bud Schultz Award winner Jessica Patnaude with Tracy Lundeen

C.M. Bud Schultz Award winner Lilli Kovaleski with Tracy Lundeen


Denfeld winners Madeline Roberts and Mackenzie Stenstrom.


FALL 2016: Audrey A Lundeen Scholarship

The Bluebird Foundation announced the recipient of the Audrey A Lundeen Scholarship at their Christmas by the Lake CD Release Party last night Clyde. Brianna Williams was selected for the $1500 scholarship. Brianna is involved in Dance, Theater, Vocal and Instrument Music.


Eight area high school students were each awarded $500 scholarships from the Bluebird Foundation.  The reception was held Sunday, May 1st, at Clyde Iron Works in Duluth.
This year two awards were presented in each original category plus the Ray Wolffe Award was presented as a new scholarship this year.


Munsell Theater Award

Robert Sobczak with Sheryl Jensen   Lyric Lekander with Sheryl Jensen

Robert Sobczak from Cloquet High School Senior and Lyric Lekander from Barnum High School,  were awarded the John D. Munsell award for theater. The award is named after the late Munsell who was the director of theater at UWS for over 25 years and directed over 70 theatrical productions 


C.M "Bud" Schultz Music Award

Erik Aas with Austan Lundeen          Ruth Yates with Austan Lundeen

Erik Aas and Ruth Yates from Duluth East High School were awarded the C.M. Bud Schultz Music Award. The award is named after Bud Schultz, the long-time band director at West Junior High School in Duluth.


Rose Mary Harmeier Hoene Dance Award

Madison Sweeny with Rose Hoene    Elliana Vesely with Rose Hoene

Madison Sweeney and Elliana Vesely were awarded the Rose Mary HarmeierHoene Dance Award. HarmeierHoene, a long-time area dance instructor, is the late mother of Bluebird Foundation Board Member Rose Hoene. Madison attends Proctor High School and Elliana attends Cumberland High School.

Big Daddy's Music Award

Nick Bostrom with Kynzee Lundeen

Nick Bostrom from Hermantown High School was awarded the Big Daddy’s music award. The Award is sponsored by Dave Gonhue, owner of Big Daddy’s Burgers in Duluth’s Piedmont Heights. Gonhue studied trombone under the late Jim Stellmaker, performed in college and toured with United States Air Force Band before entering the restaurant business.

Ray Wolffe Award

Kaylee Matuszak

Kaylee Matuszak from Hermantown was announced as the first ever winner of the Ray Wolffe Award.

In addition, two grants were awarded, one to the Music Resource Center to expand their lesson program in the amount of $500 and one to Darin Bergsven, Music Instructor at Harbor City to attend an African Music Ensemble Course this summer. Bergsven instructs kids throughout the area.

To date the Bluebird Foundation has awarded nearly $10,000 in Scholarships and Grants.


Audrey Lundeen Scholarship
Now accepting applications


Audrey Lundeen Scholarship - Past Receipient
Antony Ferguson, a Duluth Denfeld H.S. Senior, was awarded the $1000 Audrey Lundeen Scholarship from the Bluebird Foundation at Clyde Iron Works today. Antony is involved in dance, theater, vocal and instrumental music. He has been a student of the Minnesota Ballet for fifteen years and has been involved in a number of their productions including The Nutcracker which is currently touring.

(Pictured with the Bluebird Foundation Board left to right: Rose Hoene, Tracy Lundeen, Antony, Austan Lundeen, Kynze Lundeen and Jim Caesar. Missing from photo Sheryl Jensen)

Sales from Christmas by the Lake CD’s are the Bluebird Foundations major fundraiser. CDs are currently available at Super One Foods, Engwall Florists, Pam's Hallmark and Schmitt Music in the Miller Mall and Big Daddy’s Burgers. CD’s can also be ordered on-line