Audrey Lundeen Scholarship Winner Announced

Congratulations to Nora Wagner of South Ridge High School, recipient of the 2019 Audrey Lundeen Bluebird Scholarship! (pictured left to right: Bluebird Board President Tracy Lundeen, Ted Smart, Nora Wagner, Walt Aplin, Kynze Lundeen, Austan Lundeen 2018 recipient Rose Carpenter and Cathy Kates.

Nora Wagner of South Ridge High School Receives Bluebird Foundation’s Audrey Lundeen Scholarship

Duluth, MN…. Nora Wagner, Senior at South Ridge High School in Culver, received the $2,000 Audrey Lundeen Scholarship from the Bluebird Foundation at the annual Christmas by the Lake Holiday Concert at the Greysolon Plaza Ballroom on Wednesday, November 20th.

Wagner has participated in dance for fourteen years, is an instructor, and gives private lessons to special needs students who can’t participate in group settings.

Nora developed a love for tap at a young age because most of her family is blind and tapping allowed them to hear her performances. Nora has a genetic disorder called Retinitis Pigmentosa, which has restricted her visual field and will eventually cause her to lose her vision as a whole. She is currently enrolled in Minnesota’s State Services for the Blind, and is receiving help with her transition.

The scholarship is named to honor the late Audrey Lundeen, Board President Tracy Lundeen’s mother and the inspiration for the Bluebird Foundation. “Nora was a wonderful selection this year. She is a courageous young woman with a talent for dance and giving back to others” said Lundeen. “I have no doubt if Audrey was here today, Nora would have been her choice to receive this scholarship.”

The Scholarship is intended for a current high school senior who plans to pursue their interests in music (vocal or instrumental), dance, or theater in college or some other advanced arts training beyond high school. The student does not need to plan to major in the performing arts but must plan to do advanced study/training to keep the arts a part of their lives.